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Why risk falling for a Christian, Muslim, Mormon or anyone else who believes in the fantasy of organised religion?

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Online Dating For Single Atheists in the UK

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but do you really want to risk falling in love with someone who believes in something so fundamentally bonkers to an atheist as God? This site is not about knocking religion - it's simply about connecting people with atheist's beliefs who are looking to have a meaningful relationship and date other atheists, so that you never have to have that awkward conversation or ever risk falling in love (I'm sure it happens) with someone who believes that dinosaurs never existed.

We have tens of thousands of single atheists all over the UK, so whether you are looking for romance, friendship or the love of your life you have to come to the right place. It is completely FREE to register and really quite fun. We suggest that you upload a few photos and give us much information about yourself as possible, be honest about who you are and what you are looking for and the chances are you will find the right person.

We have been running Dating Sites since 1997 and one of the interesting phenomena we found is that on a normal sites (lets call them 'all faiths web sites') the propensity to lie or rather exaggerate is far higher than we have seen on less spiritual sites. Maybe it is all related to the delusion thing. Anyway, the great news is that on this site the majority of people are honest about how tall, handsome, heavy or what age they are. Honesty seems to come naturally with the realism that is not believing in fairies at the end of your garden.